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Along with providing basic info about A2 Multimedia LLC, this site is also our test station for new software, new tools, and new techniques. For example, we currently are experimenting with the MODx content management framework. From time to time, some of the links below may also be active:

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A2 Multimedia LLC is a 21st century "nano-corp." Thanks to modern technology and networking with other like-minded souls, we can limit our fixed costs and achieve our goals with minimal overhead. This allows us to provide web services at affordable rates, while still maintaining high quality standards.

As resellers for A2 Hosting, located nearby in Ann Arbor but not otherwise related to us, we can also provide access to all of the site hosting and e-commerce services that our clients might need. And with our innovative WashtenawWebSites packages, we can tailor internet solutions to fit almost any budget.

In order to succeed during peak periods of client activity, we need to have access to a broad base of independent professionals. In modern business terms, this translates into the use of "just-in-time" staffing to allow us to cope with the ebb and flow of client demand. See our job opportunities page for more details.

Our sites include:

BOOMERNETBoomernet is the "Baby Boomers' surfing center." One of the pioneering sites on the world wide web, it has been serving Boomers since the 20th century -- since 'way back in 1995. It has developed a loyal following throughout the world, because of such features as its Baby Boomer Quiz and its Cool Links Page, a huge collection of links of interest to Boomers.

Washtenaw WebWashtenaw Web is the most comprehensive collection ever compiled of links to web sites in Washtenaw County, Michigan. The guide to the county includes links to more than 2,300 unique web sites, organized into more than 80 different categories. In addition, there are separate guides to each of the 8 major communities in the county, along with a special guide to these and other place names associated with it.

inteBICinteBIC is the Internet Brain Injury Collaborative, which exists to help brain injury survivors heal in mind, body and spirit, so they may embrace their new lives and look to the future. By bringing together brain inury professionals, caregivers, and other friends and family members, our goal is to expand the knowedge base of successful tips and techniques so that all may benefit. is a site currently under development to offer Business-to-Consumer sales support services for the online entrepreneur. Along with referrals to services such as order fulfillment, shopping cart, and call center support, we also provide international package forwarding.

Boomernet Store eBay Logo As eBay Seller: boomernet, we operate the Boomernet Store, a place to find long-lost LP records, 45's, and other items of interest to Boomers and Boomer wannabes everywhere. Items change frequently, so visit often for the latest treats.

Contact webmaster Terry Cochran at for more information.